From sports injuries like ligament tears and sprains to chronic conditions like arthritis, knee conditions can severely impact your mobility and normal activities. A knee specialist can help you get back to your regular activities with less pain and improved function.

Our fellowship trained knee specialists at Augusta-Aiken Orthopedic Specialists include Dr. John Franklin, Dr. John Bojescul, Dr. Justin Head and Dr. R. Vaughan Massie. Dr. Jeremy Jacobs, Dr. David Gallagher, Dr. Douglas Holford and Dr. Timothy Shannon are general orthopedists who also treat various knee pathologies. Our providers are trained in both surgical and nonsurgical options. Knee conditions are typically treated with conservative methods first, and surgery is only recommended when nonsurgical methods do not provide sufficient relief. When surgery is needed, our surgeons use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. We also offer new technologies like robotic knee replacement.

Our Knee Specialties include: