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Chloe H

  • thumb/hand reconstruction
In October of 2010 I had my first surgery on my hand/thumb to straighten my thumb and have use of my hand after a separation surgery from my twin sister. I had 2 screws in my hand and a plate to keep my bone from popping out. In September if 2022 I broke my hand in 2 places and dislocated both knuckles in my thumb playing softball. In December 2022 I had another surgery to fix all of this by Dr. Richard Pope and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! He fixed everything that needed to be fixed AND gave me a little movement back in my hand that I haven’t had in years! I was so happy with the way this surgery and recovery went, 10/10 recommend him!

Janis Richardson

  • Referral to Pediatric Orthopedic Oncologist at AU
Karim Mahmoud, MD I am not a patient of Dr. Mahmoud, nor did I have the pleasure of meeting him. But I do feel a very strong connection to him - and I can not thank him enough. He was my grandson’s doctor. He saw him in March of last year (2022) for a lump on his ankle. Dr. Mahmoud took x-rays & ordered an MRI - the day after the MRI his office called and had my daughter and grandson come in again. He referred my grandson to a pediatric orthopedic oncologist at AU asap - also scheduled him for an MRI w/contrast that afternoon to have the MRI ready for the appt with the pediatric orthopedic oncologist at AU. After that appt - along with many other appts and procedures… biopsy, chest CT and full body nuclear bone scan - my grandson was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. This whole journey has been a whirlwind. After a year of multiple surgeries which in included a below the knee amputation - along with multiple setbacks he has completed his treatment. He has had an awesome medical team caring for him and we could not have asked for more. Dr. Mahmoud was the first line of defense and without his knowledge and fast action, it could have been a much worse outcome. I can not sing his praises enough. Thank you Dr. Mahmoud from a very grateful Nana!

Charles powell

  • Broken femur, knee problems, tibia , hip
November of 2021 i hit a tree head on at about 60 mph.luckily i only sustained damage to my left leg. Broken femur, knee, tibia, and hip damage.DrJeremy Jacobs over the last year has performed 3 surgeries on my leg. Now i walk with a slight limp when I thought id never be able to walk again. Dr Jacobs is amazing! Great sence of humor, excellent bedside manor, very professional and to the point. May God continue to bless him with hands that heal and a heart that cares. I honestly believe if i had another surgeon I would not have progressed to the state i have. If your searching for anything involving orthopedic needs I highly recommend Dr Jeremy Jacobs. If he can’t fix , it simply cant be fixed. I truly thank him for all hes done for me, And will continue to see him for any future visits. I trust him completely.

Victor Sandford

  • Torn Labrum
Dr. Capito is an amazing orthopedic specialist! He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything in detail. He is very patient and listens to all of my concerns. His bedside manner is excellent and he always makes sure I understand what he is saying. He has a great team of nurses and staff that are always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Capito for any orthopedic needs! I have dealt with another local orthopedic clinic and this place blows them out of the water 1000%! He even recommended an amazing physical therapist that I have been seeing for a few months, and I am now pain free!


  • Achilles Tendon Repair
Dr. Mahmoud is a gifted surgeon and I feel fortunate to have his level of expertise in our area. I needed a surgeon in which I could place my faith and confidence as being on my feet is an important part of my job. Dr Mahmoud's experience and his careful explanations of what needed to be done and what I could expect in recovery were clear from the beginning, easing my mind and giving my the level of comfort and confidence I needed to proceed with having the surgery. I am very grateful for Dr Mahmoud and would highly recommend him to any member of my own family.

Patti M

  • Left shoulder replacement
I had a total left shoulder replacement on June 24, 2022. Dr. Gallagher was my surgeon, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. Before the surgery, he explained everything he would do and answered all of my questions. I was very apprehensive about the surgery, but it turned out to be not painful at all due to the nerve block that I had. The nerve block lasted about 60 hours. It got me through what would have been the most painful part post surgery. After 10 days I was out walking And riding my indoor recumbent exercise bike! I would have never dreamed I could do that so quickly. For anyone needing a shoulder replacement, don’t put it off. The procedure was smooth. Dr. Gallagher was very professional and an excellent surgeon. I highly recommend him.

Cecelia Blume

  • TAR (Total Ankle Replacement)
I suffered a Trimalleolar FX and Dislocation with Fibula FX in March of 2018. In the past 4 years I had the initial surgery with plates, screws and wire. Within 6 months syndesmotic screw removal. 2020 I had hardware removal and arthoscopy due to Osteoarthritis and bone spurs. Since this injury I have been in constant pain ,limited mobility and edema. I was blessed with the opportunity to be seen by Dr. Mahmoud and found that I was a candidate for a TAR. He is a true professional, he listened to my concerns and explained the procedure in detail. I am happy to say that I had my TAR 4/12/2022 and have recovered without complications. I have no pain have done well in PT and am now able to walk in a shoe without assistive devices. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Mahmoud and the staff.

Doug P.

  • ACDF Surgery
Two weeks post surgery I can say that Dr. Bundy has been amazing. He performed my surgery flawlessly and I have been impressed with every visit to his office. He has answered all of my questions completely and explained the process clearly. He showed the problem to me pre surgery by reviewing the X-rays with me and again what the X-rays looked like during my post surgery visit. His office has been very responsive to my every need to date and I have never been to a doctor’s office before with such short wait times. I give Dr. Bundy (and his office) my highest recommendation.

Lisa Smith

  • repair right tibia/fibula and ankle fracture
My right tibia/fibula and ankle were fractured on July 01, 2016. Dr. Bundy (he was great as well) set the leg while in the ER and Dr. David Gallagher performed the surgical repair. The leg and ankle felt and appeared beyond help. Dr. Gallagher did a FANTASTIC job putting all back together. He is the only orthopaedist I trust and will use. I refer to him every chance I get. He has a professional, polite, no nonsense bedside manner and when I ask questions, I truly believe he has the best interest of his patients at heart. If you are searching for a quality surgeon, Dr. Gallagher is it.

Arthur Napoleone

  • Complete knee replacement on right knee
I would like to sincerely that the therapeutic staff at the Aiken facility especially Sally and Brian for the professional treatment I received during my three months of rehab. Both were professional, articulate, helpful and patient during the entire process. Every one of the staff was considerate and understanding of my situation. I have had therapy at other places, but none can compare to the entire process you receive there from initial evaluation, to daily exercises, to final evaluation and release. Goals were well defined and specific to my needs. Each week I received an honest assessment of my progress. I cannot thank the staff there enough and would highly recommend anyone that requires therapy to receive it there. Arthur N

Christy H.

  • Pediatric ankle surgery and trauma
We were so fortunate Dr. Karim Mahmoud was on call the night of my son's accident. Dr. Mahmoud's bedside manner is very confident, pleasant, and reassuring. He was also very relatable to a teenager. After a triplane fracture and fibula fracture, Dr. Mahmoud surgically fixed our son's ankle with screws. Perfect surgery, recovery and follow-up. I highly recommend Dr. Mahmoud, we feel extremely confident in his surgical abilities and orthopedic knowledge.

Robert P.

  • hip reconstruction
February 1987 car accident, 14 years old, crushed left hip. Dr. Mark did it right. I have had no problems with my hip for 35 years. Humana hospital in '87.

Dianne T

  • Pain in shoulder, Hip, Spine (pending)
In 2017 I had severe right shoulder pain. Thanks to Dr. Pope who treated and cared for me my pain was relieved and has not returned. In 2021 I developed right hip pain, without hesitation I knew where to go for help. Thanks to Dr. Jacobs and the physical therapy team notably Christopher Swoop,MS Physical Therapist, my hip pain is relieved. Currently I’ve been assigned to Dr. Bundy‘s spine team for chronic low back pain I am confident of positive results. Thanks to the staff, including administrators such as Melinda, who personally addressed my questions and concerns regarding an MRI, Augusta Aiken Orthopedic Specialists is a one stop shop to receive comprehensive effective care.

William Wald

  • total left shoulder replacement
I had excruciating pain in my left shoulder. Thanks to the good Lord and Dr. Caputo the pain is almost gone. This was the third successful surgery done by Augusta Orthopedic. Thanks so much.

brittany cannon

  • Hip arthroscopy
I’m 25 and was dealing with severe hip pain for 2 years and the doctors kept telling me nothing was wrong to just rest it. I was referred to Dr Jacobs and i cannot say enough good things about him. It was the easiest process and he was just amazing. I will only ever recommend Dr Jacobs from here on out. He listened and believed me and fixed the problem! So grateful for him!
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